Voluntariado de Musicoterapia en Uganda

Aquí os dejo esta convocatoria para voluntariado de Musicoterapia en Uganda, por si a alguien le interesa!

Dear colleagues.

I am writing to you, as people who know about my work with music in northern Uganda, and people who have previously or currently supported this work with Music for Peaceful Minds.

As you will see from the blog ( MPM currently has a music counselor and an arts therapist working in schools, special needs units (including deaf children) and a remand home for teenagers in Gulu, northern Uganda.  However, I have heard that the music counselor, Betty Acen, may want to leave as she has family commitments in other parts of Uganda.  This leaves a gap in the program that I want to fill but am unable to get to Gulu because of my work and family commitments in south-west Uganda, Kasese (I recently had another baby boy; Jonah).  I wondered if there might be someone who wanted a volunteer opportunity for a minimum of three months at some point in 2013 who could work alongside the very competent art therapist, Vince, and (if I have appointed someone new) to train the new music counselor ‘on the job’.  The person must be a Music Therapist (not a student but new graduates are welcome) and must have experience of being in a developing country as the hardest thing isn’t working as a music therapist, but working as a music therapist IN UGANDA with all the cultural difficulties and practical nuisances that entails!

Please can you pass the word around and tell any interested people to contact me on or see the blog (as mentioned above) for more information and history of MPM.

Thank you for your help!



Some of the most difficult things in life are the most worthwhile.



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